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Advantages of Using Cryopen For Mole Removal Treatment:

What Is Cryopen Treatment -
And How Does It Work For Benign Mole Removal?

Is Your Mole Benign?

Most moles are considered benign, meaning they are harmless. Typically, they are tan, brown, or pink along with distinct border.
Moles are types of lesions or skin growth and is usually referred to as a nevus, a general medical term for a circumscribed, and visible lesion found on the skin.
Some moles may develop from cells known as melanocytes, which is responsible for making the pigment that gives the skin a natural colour.

These moles may also develop from other cells like nevus cells.

What Are the Different Types of Benign Moles?

There are three common types of benign moles that people may encounter:
* Compound Melanocytic Nevi: This type of mole typically raised above the mucosa or skin which is light brown in colour, sometimes hairy.
* Dermal Melanocytic Nevi: This mole is usually pale, raised, and can be hairy.
* Junctional Melanocytic Nevi: This mole often comes in round and flat appearance and brown colour.
What Is Cryopen Treatment London?

With Cryopen Treatment, benign moles will be removed in a matter of seconds. It uses a linear compression cooling technology, making it the most advanced technology in cryosurgery. In removing benign moles, there is no dangerous cryogenic liquids or gases involved.

There are a few mole removal options. Laser mole removal is an option. Removing moles
and benign mole removal is suitable to use Cryopen and the use of liquid nitrogen.

A suspicious mole or cancerous moles odd in size shape or colour should always been treated by a doctor as they might be skin cancer. Cosmetic mole removal such as facial moles, raised moles or abnormal moles can be removed for cosmetic reasons.

Atypical moles and non cancerous moles are known as a cosmetic mole. Mole removal costs for an atypical mole is a low risk procedure compared to home remedies and is the best method for begnign moles removed.

The cryopen technology that we offer is known for its numerous benefits. As we apply the ultracold jet of high-pressure nitrous oxide directly to the benign moles, the removal will be effective and fast.

The penetration of cold temperature into the targeted cells is approximately 1mm per 5 seconds of the treatment. This means that if a benign mole has a size of 2mm, it will take 10 seconds for the nitrous oxide to treat. Thus, there is no collateral damage to the surrounding healthy issue due to its accuracy.

The treatment is proven effective and safe, which only takes a few seconds to complete the procedure. After the treatment, some may feel a little residual stinging that will last for a few minutes and occasionally experience a formation of blister for a few hours. However, patients can expect successful and fast results.

People who have darker complexions are more likely to develop moles after their exposure to the sun. This is due to more melanocytes in their complexion.

Moles can develop anywhere on the body and can be present at birth or develop throughout a person’s lifetime. Factors like hormonal changes and exposure to the sunlight can cause the moles to develop or darken.

Although benign moles do not pose any health risk, people prefer to remove them.  People can take advantage of our cryopen treatment for benign mole removal procedure. Get your mole removed easily!

Although there might be a blister form after being frozen off, this will quickly heal on its own.

Melanomas may develop on any surface of the skin, which includes the site occupied by the benign moles. So, it is necessary to consult a specialist if the mole undergoes some changes that may indicate signs of becoming cancerous.

A benign mole will not grow back after removal if proper care is observed in removing of the subcutaneous cells during the procedure.